How To Get Girls In Bed - Climb The Ladder



If you want to understand how to get girls in bed, you have to get your mind around the concept of "relationship ladders." A relationship ladder is basically a series of things you're going to get the girl to commit to. These things, like the rungs of a ladder, escalate in terms of intimacy. There are four levels in the relationship ladder:


A lot of how to get a girl in bed starts with the right mindset. This means that you're in the "zone" for picking up girls as soon as you roll into the venue. What you have to do is to manage your mental state. There are whole courses about this, but they're not necessary. All you have to do is get yourself pumped up.


Want to know really how to get a girl in bed? It's all about movement. Movement builds sexual attraction by creating a situation of compliance. It also makes her fell like she's known you longer than she has.