Culture Clash - What to Do When You Meet Someone You Don't Quite Get



In this age of free speech and efficient travel, it has become ever easier to maneuver ourselves around the globe. Subsequently when it comes to meeting new people and looking for love, we can end up seeking the globe for our very own romantic adventure. We have all seen it in the films, when two people meet from vastly different backgrounds and end up with a fairytale ending. But in real life there is more to it than just speaking the language of love.


When it comes to the best places to pick up women many men are left wondering how the place they pick up a woman determines her character and her commitment to the relationship. But the place you meet your woman will give you an idea of what kind of woman you are hooking up with. There are some good places where you can pick up a woman while there are other places which are not the best to look for the woman you want. Below are some of the best places to pick up women:


If you're looking for advice on how to attract a man, check out my article where I will share tips and advice on how to do so. Many women mistake men for 'complicated creatures' when actually, you've just got to know what makes them tick!