Pick Up Strategies - How To Get Laid Using What You've Learned



Lots of guys take in all of this pick up stuff on how to get laid, and they know it front and back. Then they go out to the clubs and they miss one after another. All of these theories and ideas that they've studied fall flat, and they spend the night at home playing video games.


When you start learning how to seduce women, it's important to start simply. You should begin with what I refer o as "small chunking." Start with your own weaknesses, and work on one thing at a time. Then, once that thing is out of the way, move on to the next. Don't try to take it all in one bite.


A lot of guys struggle with not knowing where to meet women. A question that a lot of guys ask me is: "Where do I meet quality women?" It's a good question, but the answer is simple.