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When it comes to dating there are many different ploys. Many different tactics of approach. And there are many people out there who claim to be the love guru, the one that can make it all happen. They consider themselves god's gift to women. Well really they are no more special than you or me.


The morning after the night before says more about how you feel about a woman than the actual night you met her. The morning after the night before can always be an anxious moment. The girl you went to bed with the night before in your drunken haze could feel like an epiphany in a dream. Instead you wake up next to a girl ten years older than you remember, and she only resembles the girl from the previous night when you squint.


There are many different types of food that grace us in the world. And these different foods are comparable to the different types of people that we meet. Some are compatible whilst some remain horrible concoctions of mismanaged time.